Rust Protection 2000 PLUS

  • 11012400    |    PU: 12
    • special corrosion and weathering resistant surface coating

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Rust Protection 2000 PLUS is a particularly corrosion and weather resistant surface coating on the basis of ferric oxide (hematite). The usage of highly-pure ferric oxide pigments in a fl aky arrangement achieves permanent, weather-resistant and water-repellent surface protection.

Metal parts coated with Rust Protection 2000 PLUS did not show any corrosion after more than 2000* hours in a salt spray test.

WEICON Rust Protection 2000 PLUS can be used on halls and steel structures, iron railing, lattice towers, fences, handrails, balcony grates, rolling gates, outdoor lights, and on points particularly susceptible to corrosion.