WEICON Allround Lubricant

High performance greases for lubricating, separating and protecting

Even in the present “High-tech age” problems due to friction and wear are a matter of course in a lot of in-dustrial sectors. Extensive repairs, longer downtimes, shorter maintenance intervals and lower serviceable lives of plant and equipment are the consequence and cause enormous costs each year.

It is therefore important to already fulfil the requirements for long-term operational dependability of plant and equipment in the development and construction phase. During the technical design of movable plant and equipment elements, the lubricant should be viewed as being a calculable functional element and must be included within the terms of reference under the aspects of friction and wear.

Oil PlatformA plant operator needs to guarantee a disturbance-free and damage-free operation. The working life of lubri-cated machine parts depends to a decisive extent upon the selection and the use of the right lubricant.

Modern high performance lubricants, which meet the constantly increasing demands placed on plant and equipment, are thus increasingly gaining in significance.

The main demand placed upon such high performance lubricants is the maximum power transmission with minimal friction and minimal wear. Moreover, additional properties such as water resistance, chemicals’ resistance, plastics compatibility or protection against corrosion must be observed.

WEICON Allround Lubricant high performance greases are specially developed to meet these high demands. They provide sustained protection against friction and wear and thus enable:

  • extremely long re-greasing intervals
  • increased functional dependability and the retention of the value of the machine and production plants
  • reduction of the maintenance and repair work
  • improved economic efficiency

The following influential factors of tribological systems and their complex interactions must be taken into account when selecting the appropriate WEICON product.

  • design specifications, e.g. type of material, surface properties, geometry of the components
  • mechanical stress, e.g. speed, vibration, pressure
  • environmental influences, e.g. temperature, moisture, dirt accumulation

Constant further development and advancement in line with the latest practical and environmental demands additionally guarantee a constantly high quality standard.

Technical product information, a type selection table as well as basic information about “Tribology” can be found on the following pdf-document:

>> Brochure/ Technical data "Allround Lubricant"

Allround Lubricant AL-T

Universal high-temperature grease.

>> more

Allround Lubricant AL-M

Strong-bonding and high pressure-resistant long-life grease with MoS2. Friction and wear are reduced for a long time.

>> more

Allround Lubricant AL-W

Special lubricant and corrosion protection, also for underwater applications. Effective protection against aggressive liquids in maritime environments and in wet plants.

>> more

Allround Lubricant AL-H

Odourless and tasteless high-temperature grease for the foodstuffs technology.

>> more

Allround Lubricant AL-F

Allround high-performance grease for lubricating rolling and sliding bearings and for all grease lubrication points, also in the foodstuffs industry.

>> more

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