WEICON Elastic Adhesives

Product overview

WEICON Aqua-FlexWEICON Aqua-Flex

Aqua-Flex is a special adhesive and sealant for a variety of applications, also on wet and humid surfaces. WEICON Aqua-Flex is gap-filling and cures practically without shrinkage to a permanently elastic material.

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WEICON Solar-FlexWEICON Solar-Flex®

Solar-Flex is an elastic one-component adhesive and sealant with fast development of adhesive strength. It contains no substances that hinder the coating of lacquer (e.g., silicone), no solvents, and no isocyanate.

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WEICON Speed-FlexWEICON Speed-Flex®

Speed-Flex - the fast, strong and universally usable power adhesive. Replaces traditional fixings like screws, pegs, rivets, etc. Speed-Flex is pasty and stable and, thus, suitable for problem-free bonding even on vertical surfaces both in-house and outside.

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WEICON Flex 310 MWEICON Flex 310 M®

Under the brand WEICON Flex 310 M, a variety of high-quality adhesives and sealants is available. WEICON Flex 310 M are one-component products on an MS polymer basis. They are used for permanently elastic bonding and sealing of different materials.

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WEICON Flex 310WEICON Flex 310

Flex 310 is a one-component structural adhesive/sealant. After curing WEICON Flex 310 is of neutral odour, and can be sanded and overpainted.

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WEICON Flex+bondWEICON Flex+bond

Flex+bond is a one-component adhesive/sealant with a wide variety of applications and a high adhesive force. WEICON Flex+bond is resistant to salt water, weathering and UV rays.

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WEICON Fast-BondWEICON Fast-Bond

WEICON Fast-Bond is a fast-curing one-component structural and assembly adhesive, universal in use and made on the basis of polyurethane.

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WEICON SiliconeWEICON Silicone

WEICON Silicone is a one-component sealant/adhesive which has been developed to meet the high demands of industrial fabrication.

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WEICON Black SealWEICON Black Seal

Black Seal is a one-component special grade silicone rubber, dispensed from the practical spray can.

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