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10410005.jpg WEICON ST Epoxy Resin
  • viscous, can be applied with a spatula
  • metal-filled
  • non-corrosive
10250005.jpg WEICON SF Epoxy Resin
  • pasty
  • steel-filled, fast-curing
  • certified by DNV GL
10420005.jpg WEICON BR Epoxy Resin
  • pasty
  • bronze-filled
10150005.jpg WEICON F Epoxy Resin
  • pasty
  • aluminium-filled
  • non-corrosive and anti-magnetic
10430005.jpg WEICON TI Epoxy Resin
  • pasty
  • titanium-filled
  • temperature-resistant up to +200°C (briefly up to +260°C)
10000005.jpg WEICON A Epoxy Resin
  • pasty
  • steel-filled
  • certified by DNV GL
10500100.jpg Epoxy Resin Putty
  • The kneadable universal repair compound
10450010.jpg WEICON HB 300 Epoxy Resin
  • pasty
  • steel-filled
  • high temperature resistant
10110030.jpg WEICON CBC Epoxy Resin
  • vibration resistant
  • impact resistant
  • break resistant
  • pasty
  • mineral-filled
  • impact-resistant