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Repair Stick Multi Repair Stick Multi
  • fast curing
  • mineral-filled
  • NSF registration
  • temperature-resistance: -25°C to +120°C (-13°F to 248°F)
Rust Converter Rust Converter
  • Rust converter and base coat in one process
13009310_140x140.jpg Silicone LP
  • NSF-P1
  • acetoxy-curing
30020030.jpg Threadlocking Varnish
  • Protection and safety against manipulation
10110030.jpg WEICON CBC Epoxy Resin
  • vibration resistant
  • impact resistant
  • break resistant
10650850.jpg Easy-Mix HT 180 Epoxy Adhesive
  • high-temperature resistant
  • steady
  • shock and impact resistant
11690500.jpg Crack Testing Agent Penetrant
  • Penetrant for the non-destructive material testing by way of colour penetration process
11691500.jpg Crack Testing Agent Developer
  • Developer for the non-destructive material testing by way of colour penetration process
52800000.jpg Multi-Opener
  • no scratching of sensitive surfaces
  • conductive ESD material protects against electrostatic discharge
  • flexible fibreglass-reinforced polyamide
11692500.jpg Crack Testing Agent Cleaner
  • Cleaner for the non-destructive material testing by way of colour penetration process
11251550.jpg W 44 T® Multi-Spray
  • multifunctional oil with multiple effects
11351400.jpg Silicone Fluid
  • special sliding and lubricating agent for sensitive areas
  • NSF approval
11207400.jpg Surface Cleaner
  • pretreatment of bonding surfaces
11202400.jpg Sealant and Adhesive Remover
  • removes residues of hardened gaskets
11217400.jpg Citrus Cleaner
  • cleaner and degreaser on the basis of citrus essences
11201500.jpg Parts and Assembly Cleaner
  • specially developed cleaner with a high flash point (> +60°C of the agent)
11150400.jpg Rust Loosener and Contact Spray
  • 6-fold function
11539400.jpg Anti-Friction Spray MoS2
  • dry lubricant
11104400.jpg Stainless Steel Spray bright grade
  • provides a treated stainless steel look e.g. V2A, V4A
11202500.jpg Cleaner Spray S
  • degreases and cleans all metals, glass, ceramics and most plastics
11750400.jpg Bio-Cut
  • cutting oil for all types of steel
11550400.jpg Corro-Protection
  • corrosion protection of metal parts for indoor storages
10535057.jpg Repair Stick Titanium
  • wear resistant
  • titanium-filled
  • high temperature resistant up to +280°C (briefly up to +300°C)
26100045.jpg Anti-Seize High-Tech Assembly Paste
  • reliable protection against corrosion seizing and cold welding
  • metal-free
  • NSF approval
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