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  • pasty
  • mineral-filled
  • impact-resistant
10518505.jpg Urethane 80 Putty
  • Shore hardness: A 80
  • Flexible and wear-resistant coating resin with high impact strength and abrasion resistance
11653400.jpg Leak Detection Spray viscous
  • Non flammable, anticorrosive
  • Foam-forming Leak Detection Spray, high viscosity
11654400.jpg Leak Detection Spray frost-proof
  • For detecting leaks on pressurized pipes
  • Frost-proof up to -15˚C
15404005.jpg Leak Detection frost-proof
  • For detecting leaks on pressure pipes
  • Frost-proof up to -15˚C
15403005.jpg Leak Detection viscous
  • For detecting leaks on pressure pipes
11005400.jpg Galva Spray
  • Long-lasting cathodic corrosion protection, paintable
  • Colour shade matches hot-dip galvanization
  • >450 hours in the salt spray test according to DIN EN ISO 9227
30100310.jpg Gasket Maker
  • Black / red
  • Permanently elastic special sealant
30331085.jpg WEICONLOCK® SI 303-31 Pipe and thread sealing
  • high viscosity
  • low strength
  • easy disassembly
14100319.jpg Mounting Tape Transparent
  • Moisture-resistant
  • UV-resistant
  • Strong
14050319.jpg Mounting Tape Grey
  • Extremely strong adhesion
  • For smooth surfaces
  • High flexibility
30291150.jpg WEICONLOCK® AN 302-91 Surface sealing
  • Very low viscosity
  • Good creeping properties
  • -60°C to +150°C (-76°F to +302°F)
11209400.jpg Foam Cleaner
  • For the food industry
13354085.jpg Flex+bond® Liquid
  • Self-levelling, one-component casting and coating mass
11555400.jpg Allround Sealing Spray
  • Overpaintable
  • For indoor and outdoor use
10110030.jpg WEICON CBC Epoxy Resin
  • vibration resistant
  • impact resistant
  • break resistant
11207400.jpg Surface Cleaner
  • pretreatment of bonding surfaces
11202400.jpg Sealant and Adhesive Remover
  • removes residues of hardened gaskets
11217400.jpg Citrus Cleaner
  • cleaner and degreaser on the basis of citrus essences
11801500.jpg Adhesive Spray extra strong
  • special product for strong and reliable adhesions
10538057.jpg Repair Stick Stainless Steel
  • non-corrosive, fast cure
  • stainless steel-filled
  • NSF approval, can be used in drinking water areas
11201500.jpg Parts and Assembly Cleaner
  • specially developed cleaner with a high flash point (> +60°C of the agent)
10537057.jpg Repair Stick Concrete
  • fast cure
  • ceramic-filled
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