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Thomas Lütteken


How can you drive forward your professional development at WEICON?

Through the regular contact with clients and colleagues around the world and the long-term international relationships. I also see the experience and routine gained as well as the knowledge I can pass on to other colleagues as development.

How long have you been working at WEICON?

I’ve been with WEICON for 14 years. Before that, I worked for a haulage company and got to know WEICON as a customer there. Later, I then applied for a job opening. My position hasn’t changed since then, not even my workspace. It's just that the number of countries I work with has decreased, as the number of clients has increased significantly depending on the country or region.

What exactly to you do when you work with other countries?

I mainly process the orders of our customers in South America. This includes order entry, planning and checking whether all articles are available in the appropriate quantity and language variant, and meeting specified deadlines. The most time-consuming part is the preparation of the export documentation. After that, only the shipping needs to be organised.

What is special about your team and the company?

The core is a small team with a close connection, direct exchange and support among each other without many words. The work with my immediate colleagues is a lot of fun. In addition, there is a lively exchange with other departments. Working here means working with each other instead of against each other. When you walk through the company, it's like that: No matter who you meet first thing in the morning, there is always a good atmosphere.

Area Sales Manager

Jan Pfingsten

Area Sales Manager

How did you come to work at WEICON?

As a trained wholesale and export merchant and employee in the technical trade, I had my first contact with WEICON products at the end of the 90s. In 2004, the current Managing Director of our Dubai branch asked me if I could imagine joining WEICON and recruited me. It was the right time for my professional and personal development. By now, I’ve been with WEICON for 13 years.

What do you do as an Area Sales Manager?

I am the sales manager for the regions Schleswig-Holstein, Hamburg, northern Niedersachsen and Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. My job is to look after our specialist trade partners and their industrial customers. In addition to the classic sales tasks, my duties also include providing advice on technical application questions.

What does your working day look like?

Before hitting the road in the morning, I check my diary and take care of a few things at the office. On the way, I make phone calls to customers, prospects and colleagues - an effective way to pass time time during traffic jams in the morning. No two days are the same. Sometimes it's dealer visits to present new products, product training or price negotiations. Sometimes new customer contact with adhesive advice.

Why do you enjoy working here?

I like the work and the tasks I do at WEICON: In addition, the atmosphere here is open, direct, uncomplicated, friendly and cosmopolitan. It’s simply a good fit!

International Sales Assistent

Raphaela Tautzt

International Sales Assistant

How long have you been working at WEICON?

I started in December 2002 as an "Area Sales Manager" with travel activities. I was responsible for France, the Benelux countries, Switzerland, Scandinavia and Canada, among others. In November 2012, I returned from maternity leave – as one of the first mothers at WEICON – and started again part-time. As "International Sales Assistant", I now mainly support the colleagues travelling for France, Belgium and the Netherlands and the colleagues in the WEICON TOOLS department.

How have you been able to develop at WEICON so far? 

As a trained foreign language assistant, I was able to expand my language skills through my many years of travelling for WEICON and a longer stay abroad in Canada in 2006 – combined with an intensive language course. This allowed me to do what I always wanted to do.

What do you appreciate about your team?

My colleagues give me a lot of freedom when it comes to customer service and I can incorporate my own ideas and my experiences from my time as a traveller in the field service - I really appreciate that.

Why do you enjoy working at WEICON?

I like the diversity of the products and the company, and not being tied down to any one area. There is always something new and a lot to learn. I always have to adapt to new topics. That challenges me, is a lot of fun and never boring or monotonous. That is - among many other things - one aspect why I enjoy going to work in the morning.

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