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Contour Spatula Flexy Contour Spatula Flexy
  • plastic
10953008.jpg Universal Spatula white
  • suitable for the foodindustry
10650006.jpg Mixing Nozzles
  • For Easy-Mix Metal and HT 180
Special Piston Special Piston
  • D conversion of 50 to PE-PP
15811400.jpg Pressurized-Air Spray Can WSD 400
  • Refillable Compressed Air aluminum can
13250001.jpg Cartridge Gun
  • stable quality craftsmen
10663038.jpg Dispenser PE-PP
  • Processing Easy-Mix PE-PP
15843001.jpg Pump Dispenser Special
  • for 500 ml WEICON Cleaner S, Brake Cleaner and Rust Remover
10653050.jpg Dispenser D 50
  • Processing Easy-Mix
13955031.jpg V-Joint Nozzle
  • for all 310 ml standard cartridges
13955050.jpg Primer Applicator
  • for applying primers
15830001.jpg Adjusting Valve for cans
  • for exact dosing
15842001.jpg Pump Dispenser
  • solvents for 500 ml and mineral oil-free WEICON agents
13309997.jpg Special Mixing Nozzle
  • fast-curing
15810001.jpg Adapter for WSD 400
  • To refill the spray at each operating compressed air network
10660002.jpg Mixing Nozzles PE-PP
  • Only Easy-Mix PE-PP 45
15811002.jpg Spray-Valve set for WSD 400
  • 4p spray head set
13250009.jpg Compressed Air Cartridge Gun
  • suitable for universal use
10953001.jpg Processing Spatula
  • versatile
15841501.jpg Extension for WPS 1500
  • Plastic extension
15841500.jpg Pump-Dispenser WPS 1500
  • Plastic extension
13250002.jpg Cartridge Gun Special
  • heavy professional quality
10953010.jpg Stirrer Stainless Steel
  • Stirring rod stainless steel version
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