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13655310.jpg Flex 310 M® HT 200 MS-Polymer
  • high temperature resistant
13700310.jpg Aqua-Flex MS-Polymer
  • ideal for wet and moist surfaces
13350085.jpg Flex+bond®
  • elastic
  • strong adhesion
13303310.jpg Flex 310 M® Classic MS-Polymer
  • suitable for universal use
13308310.jpg Flex 310 M® Crystal MS-Polymer
  • crystal-clear curing
13650290.jpg Flex 310 M® Super-Tack MS-Polymer
  • high initial strength
Speed-Flex® MS-Polymer Speed-Flex® MS-Polymer
  • replaces traditional fixings
13750290.jpg Solar-Flex®
  • developed for solar industry
13305250.jpg Flex 310 M® 2 K MS-Polymer
  • fast-curing
13333310.jpg Flex 310 M® liquid MS-Polymer
  • liquid
  • self-levelling
Speed-Flex® Crystal MS-Polymer Speed-Flex® Crystal MS-Polymer
  • crystal-clear adhesion
13362025.jpg Multi-Flex
  • extremely fast curing
  • strong adhesion
  • elastic
13656290.jpg Flex 310 M® Stainless Steel
  • suitable for universal use
13354085.jpg Flex+bond® Liquid
  • Self-levelling, one-component casting and coating mass