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11850200.jpg Hand Protective Foam
  • waterproof for long-lasting protection
  • dermatologically tested
11207400.jpg Surface Cleaner
  • pretreatment of bonding surfaces
11202400.jpg Sealant and Adhesive Remover
  • removes residues of hardened gaskets
11202500.jpg Cleaner Spray S
  • degreases and cleans all metals, glass, ceramics and most plastics
10604515.jpg Mould Release Agent Wax P 500
  • solvent-containing
50055328.jpg Cable Stripper No. S 4 - 28
  • Safe due to retractable hook blade (The blade can be locked in both positions)
52000013.jpg Round Cable Stripper No. 13
  • Safe work with the ergonomic anti-slip handle shape
51000005.jpg Wire Stripper No. 5
  • Saves space by locking the wire stripper
11400400.jpg Cockpit Spray
  • care product for the automotive interior
52000030.jpg Data-Strip No. 30
  • Inner blade can be set to the insulation thickness
11750400.jpg Bio-Cut
  • cutting oil for all types of steel
10534057.jpg Repair Stick Aluminium
  • non-rusting
  • aluminium-filled
12000030.jpg Contact VA 20 Cyanoacrylate Adhesive
  • Cyanoacrylate Adhesive for rubber and plastics
  • low viscosity, very fast curing
  • ISEGA-certified
10650150.jpg Easy-Mix N 50 Epoxy Adhesive
  • high adhesive force
  • viscous, self-levelling
26600040.jpg AL-T High Performance Grease
  • high temperature grease
  • long-term lubrication
50056328.jpg Cable Stripper No. S 4 - 28 Voltage
  • Integrated voltage finder (Contact-free, optical recognition of A.C. voltage in a range of 50 V - 600 v)
30243150.jpg WEICONLOCK® AN 302-43 Threadlocking
  • higher viscosity
  • medium strength
  • disassembly with normal tools
10563860.jpg RK-1500 Structural Acrylic Adhesive
  • liquid
  • strong
  • fast-curing
52000025.jpg Dismantling Tool No. 25
  • For convenient longitudinal and circular cuts
11590400.jpg Stainless Steel Care Spray
  • antistatic cleaning
10100005.jpg WEICON C Epoxy Resin
  • liquid
  • aluminium-filled
  • up to +220°C (+428°F) high temperature resistant
30000090.jpg Plast-o-Seal®
  • permanently plastic universal sealant
  • solvent free with no unpleasant odour enables immediate assembly
10410005.jpg WEICON ST Epoxy Resin
  • viscous, can be applied with a spatula
  • metal-filled
  • non-corrosive
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