Coax-Stripper No 1 F Plus - suitable for F-compression connectors

for skinning and stripping coaxial cables incl. untwisting aid

Product number: 10052731


Content: 1 PCE (€27.37* / 1 PCE)

Available, delivery time: 2-4 days


Fast dismantling and stripping of coaxial cables in just one singe step (double cut).

Gripping jaws for screwing F-screw connectors onto the cable Space-saving mounting and dismounting of F-connectors thanks to integrated open hexagon with 11 mm wrench size (SW 11) Stripping without adjustment of the blades with length stop for common compression connectors (6.5 / 6.5 mm) Optional: Knife inserts for stripping to other defined dimensions available (e.g. F-screw connectors: 6 / 4 mm)

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Product safety

Tool not to be used on live cables or conductors.