Fibre Optic Stripper

for stripping fibre optic cables Ø 0,125 mm I precise work due to adjustable length stop from 5 - 45 mm

Product number: 10057551


Content: 1 PCE (€49.23* / 1 PCE)

Available, delivery time: 2-4 days


fast, easy removal of fibre optic primary coating 200 - 250 µm I for removing the primary coating from fibre optic cables Ø 0.125 mm I Blade Ø 0.16 mm, hole for cable feed Ø 0.35 mm I precise work due to adjustable length stop from 5 - 45 mm I professional stripping technique; suitable for right- and left-handed users

This cable stripper was designed specifically for the fast and easy removal of the primary coating on thin fibre optic cables with a diameter as small as 0.125 mm. The funnel-shaped opening on the tool head ensures the easy and accurate insertion of thin fibre optic cables. The high-precision blades are specially designed so that no adjustment of the cutting depth is necessary. With the adjustable scaled length stop for the working range from 5 to 45 millimetres, the desired stripping length can be set quickly and accurately. Two durable, precisely adjusted torsion springs, which push symmetrically on the pair of blades with a defined force, ensure comfortable working. The accurate spring pressure guarantees the special contour of the blades to cut the thin primary coating cleanly and precisely. This ensures highly precise and non-damaging stripping of fibre optic cables as thin as 0.125 mm.

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Product safety

Tool not to be used on live cables or conductors.