Profibus Stripper No. 2

Stripping tool for e.g. shielded Profibus data cables

Product number: 10062190


Content: 1 PCE (€32.37* / 1 PCE)

cut optimised for FastConnect connectors I optical length scale optimised for different connector types I modular pair of blades for Profibus

With the Profibus Stripper No. 2, the outer sheath and the underlying shield can be cleanly cut in order to strip the Profibus cable according to its connector. The optical length scale in the module can be used to select the appropriate stripping length to prepare the Ethernet cables to fit the FastConnect connector. For the stripping lengths of 17 mm, 20 mm, 24 mm and 30 mm, the usual dimensions are visually marked in the module. The stripper was developed to cut Profibus cables in the range of 5.5 mm to 8 mm with two pairs of blades simultaneously for a precise fit. The cutting pattern creates an ideal preparation for FastConnect connectors - even with different cable diameters. If necessary, the pairs of knives in the half-shells can be replaced or renewed as modules.

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Product safety

Tool not to be used on live cables or conductors.