WSD 400 Pressurized-Air Spray Can


Product number: 10009301


Content: 1 PCE (€54.38* / 1 PCE)

Available, delivery time: 2-4 days


Aluminium can | versatile use

WSD 400 refillable spray can suitable for processing most WEICON Technical Liquids. Filling with compressed air is done by means of an adapter (accessory) via the compressed air network (optimum operating pressure 7.5 bar). The range of accessories for the WSD 400 includes an adapter for filling on any compressed air system as well as a spray set with four different spray heads and a ball valve with suction pipe.

  • WSD 400 Pressurized-Air Spray Can

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Adapter for WSD 400
Adapter for WSD 400
€18.12* (incl. VAT)

(€18.12* / 1 PCE)

Spray Set for WSD 400
4-piece spray head set with valve
€7.56* (incl. VAT)

(€7.56* / 1 PCE)